From the Director of Religious Studies

From the DRS   

Welcome to Term 3 2017  A special welcome to all our new families. 

We begin our Term 3 Religious Education leasons with the Sacrament – Hakarameta Strand. Each year level learns about a different aspect of sacrament, for example holiness; welcome in Baptism;  forgiveness in the Sacrament of Reconciliation; food for life; Sacraments of healing; Confirmed in the Spirit; called for others; Sacraments of commitment.  

The second strand we will learn about is Church – Te Whanau a Te Karaiti. This covers: belonging; gathering, celebrating, living God’s presence; called to be like Jesus; called to service; the Church celebrates; a pilgrim people; the teaching Church and the living Church.  

As a staff we have written overarching statements from the theological focus for each strand. The statements for the Sacrament and Church Strands are: 

Sacrament - Hakarameta 
Sacrament is a visible sign of God therefore we can speak of Christ as a sacrament of God. The Church is a sacrament of Christ. The seven Sacraments are the signs and instruments by which the Holy Spirit spreads the grace of Christ the head throughout the Church, which is his body. Every sacrament is an encounter with Christ through the words, signs and symbols proper to each. The seven Sacraments are the most important but not the only signs of God.  They enhance and restore tapu and mana , holiness and spiritual power, by the gift of grace. In the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist) we are marked as belonging to Christ and we are nourished. The Sacraments of Healing (Penance and Anointing of the Sick) bring healing to body and spirit. The Sacraments of Commitment (Marriage and Holy Orders) call people to a life long union. Children learn to express their Catholic faith through experiencing and understanding Sacrament. 

Church - Te Whanau a Te Karaiti 
The Church –Te Whanau a te Karaiti is a community of disciples called by the Holy Spirit – Te Wairua Tapu to proclaim the Gospel and share in promoting the life of the Kingdom of God, which is yet to come. The Church –Te Whanau a te Karaiti is called to worship, glorify and honour God in prayer and through the celebration of the Eucharist. 

Assumption Day is Tuesday 15 August. As this is a Holy Day of Obligation we will attend the 9am Parish Mass. Students will also learn about this important feast day during class RE lessons. 

This year the Social Justice Week will run from 10-16 September. The focus is Weaving Bonds of Belonging: Knowing our Neighbour. We are challenged by Pope Francis to aim to take action in order to rebuild a sense of belonging and connection in our communities. We will use the Caritas material for lessons on this theme.   

Your child should bring home a family-whanau summary sheet outlining the relevant lessons for your child’s year level. From time to time your child will bring home activity sheets they have worked on in class. Please talk to your child/ren about their work and share in their learning.   

Each Monday, at our Values Assembly, a Prayer Bag is given to one child from each class. This bag contains a bible and prayers for you to share with your child. A prayer cloth, crucifix, statue of Mary and rosary beads are also included and can be used to set up a prayer focus at home. Please add a comment in the comment book. Prayer bags are to be returned to school on Friday so they can be given to another child the following week. 

We continue to join in the life of the church by attending 9am Mass every second Friday (Weeks 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9). Thank you for your support in ensuring your child/ren arrive at school by 8:45am on these Fridays so we can be seated in church before Mass starts. We also appreciate your support with our RE programme. You are warmly invited to join us for our Values Assemblies in the Creative Space at 9am every Monday and at Mass in the church at 9am every second Friday.   

Dates for your diary: 
Tuesday 15 August – Feast of the Assumption Mass at 9am 
  Sunday 27 August – School Mass beginning at 10am.   

 May God bless you. 
 Teresa Kundycki-Carrell