The Sisters of Mercy founded OLV and many other Catholic schools in Christchurch. They first arrived in New Zealand in 1878. They had travelled all the way from Ireland to Hokitika, on the West Coast.

In 1890, the Sisters in Hokitika were invited to set up a community in Lyttelton. There were many new families arriving in Lyttelton from England and Ireland to start a new life, and Sisters were needed to work in the community.

On 6 February 1956, two Sisters of Mercy opened Our Lady of Victories School. On the first day there were 79 students. The school continued to grow, and more classrooms were built. Lots of families moved into the area around the school, and so a new seven-classroom building was opened in 1956. The roll continues to grow, and the Mercy Values put in place by the Mercy Sisters are still modelled everyday throughout the school.